Student Representative


  • Mr. Titus Daka- President
  • Mr. Nelson Shidute- President understudy
  • Mr. Takunda Chigombe- Vice president
  • Ms. Ainima Petrina- Secretary General
  • Ms. Usuisku Shoopala- vice Secretary General
  • Mr. Tshili Vitalis- Academic Affairs
  • Ms. Natasha Mukandi- Sport, Entertainment and culture
  • Ms. Lovisa Kandjungu- Information and publicity
  • Ms Andreas Toini- Finance
  • Mr. Frankie Lewin- Internal and External affairs


  • Ms. Rebecka N Martin- Secretary general
  • Mr. Gregorio Horacio- Secretary general
  • Ms. Elizabeth N Shimbulu- Finance
  • Ms. Nampala N.H- Academic affairs
  • Mr. Monikus Mwetuhanga- Deputy academic affairs
  • Ms. Agnes S Ruben- internal & external affairs
  • Mrs. Shumirai Mhungu- Information & publicity
  • Mr. Timotheus Kalenga- Sports, entertainment & culture
  • Ms. Krodular N Immanuel-Deputy sport, entertainment & culture


  • Mr. Lucas H Masilingi- Secretary general
  • Mr. Katjotjo Engelbert- Vice secretary general
  • Ms. Imbodi Tilie- Academic affairs
  • Ms. Shalimba Lahya- Vice academic affairs
  • Mr. Foloma Gerson- Sports, entertainment & culture
  • Mr. Mbanze Antelius- Vice Sports, entertainment & culture
  • Ms. Mwetunyenena Elizabeth- Finance
  • Mr. Haipumbu Benhard- Information & publicity
  • Mr. Wayne Gaoseb- Internal and External Affairs


  • Ms. Amadhila Elizabeth- secretary general
  • Ms. Isaack Theopoline- Vice secretary General
  • Mr. Hamulungu Thomas- Vice academic affairs
  • Mr. Hamwama Salom- Sports, entertainment & culture


  • Ms. Ruben Miryam M- secretary general
  • Mr. Ausiku Filipus- Vice secretary general
  • Ms. Leena Nghipuma- Academic affairs
  • Mr. Nghuumbilemo Lazarus- Sports, entertainment & culture
  • ¬†


  • Ms. Kulatau Txiyx- Secretary general
  • Mr. Luseso David- Deputy Secretary general
  • Mr. Shivute Abed- Academic affairs
  • Ms. Kantema Seleste- Deputy academic affairs
  • Mr. Mwangala Nalisa-Sports, culture & entertainment
  • Ms. Ndawedapa Selma- deputy Sports, entertainment & culture

ICT Support

Mobile numbers:

+264 85 756 6787
+264 85 756 6788


The aim of ICT Support Services is to provide a comprehensive and caring service, to help our students to achieve their full academic and personal potential.