About Us


At Welwitchia University (WU), our guiding principles revolve around a steadfast dedication to growth, sustainability, and innovation. A decade ago, our journey began with the establishment of Welwitchia University (WU). As our ambitions soared, we strategically expanded our business horizons, harnessing novel revenue streams. This visionary transformation culminated in the inception of Welwitchia University, an amalgamation of individual companies, each possessing its own distinctive identity, mission, and independent structure.

“Where everyone is an achiever.


To be the Centre of excellence in health, social, technical and management sciences in Namibia and beyond


To develop and equip professionally qualified persons in the health, social, technical, and management sciences through academic pursuit and practical on-the-job training.


W – Willingness – Ability to change the way we think and do things.

E – Excellence – Driven to excel in both academic and professional pursuit.

L – Learning – Imparting knowledge for change and development.

W – Work-Ethics – Ethics driven for social change.

I – Integrity – Truthful to our mandate and stakeholders

T – Team Work –  Forging partnership which are result oriented

C –  Competitiveness –  Striving for excellence.

H – Honesty – Reliable and Value driven towards the Vision.

I – Innovation – Harnessing technology for desired change.

A – Accountability – Responsible citizenry


Welwitchia University exists to provide professional education in health, social, and management sciences to Namibian and international students as provided in the university charter. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master


The overall continuity of Welwitchia University rests on its ability to secure and maintain its accreditation at all material times and satisfy all regulatory compliance requirements. Welwitchia University’s internal stakeholders are responsible for maintaining its accreditation in all functions and activities. At the dawn of the 2021–25 Strategic Cycle, Welwitchia University remains an accredited higher education institution in Namibia by the National Council for Higher Education, the Namibia Qualifications Authority, and the Health Professions Councils of Namibia, among others.

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